Cristiano react after Atlético’s first goal & final whistle. | 13.09.2014 (x)

Training | 14.09.2014 (x)

get to know me meme | 1/5 favorite movies » Stuck in Love (2013)

I get these flashes of clarity, brilliant clarity where, for a second, I stop and I think: wait, this is it, this is my life. I better slow down and enjoy it because one day we’re all going to end up in the ground and that’ll be it. We’ll be gone."

“Just avoid love at all costs. That’s my motto.” — Samantha Borgens, Stuck In Love (via akio-xien)

things that are extremely difficult for me

  • making phone calls
  • talking to people
  • asking employees questions at stores
  • making appointments
  • living